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    Forbidden Rose Graphics

    Yue Stark
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    Forbidden Rose Graphics

    Post  Yue Stark on Sun May 08, 2011 8:23 pm

    I'm improving at graphics, but I'm not the best at some photoshop,and GIMP.

    The form.

    What Do You Want (Icon ,siggy, wallpaper, etc.):
    Any Specific Picture(s):
    Color Scheme:
    Anything Else:

    -Credit and wear for at least a week
    -I worked hard on these, and I'll be mad at you if you don't wear what I make for you.
    -I will post cut-offs because I have a life.
    -Make sure your portrayer is on the face claim

    Here's some examples.

    And I'm open for four requests.

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