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    The Smell of the Homeless

    Rolo Bonne
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    The Smell of the Homeless Empty The Smell of the Homeless

    Post  Rolo Bonne on Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:06 pm

    Wandering into the cafe first, Rolo, stayed close to the door after peering into the cafe. He'd arrived barely minutes ago, but the smell of food had long ruled over his motives and actions for the last three months. His stomach roared as he scanned the tables, noting only a few students. They all seemed so beautiful... so clean... he wondered what they'd think of him and his second rate clothing and his sunken in frame

    'Don't think about them, Rolo. Just try and find something to eat' He began to walk in, his barefeet making soft suction noises against the tile floor. He didn't try to look directly at anyone this time, instead trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. He didn't make any flashy motions or any extra noise, just walked towards the kitchen to ask for something to eat.

    Knocking on the door, a confused waiter stepped out and then instantly backed away, cupping a hand over his mouth. This did nothing for the teen's self-esteem, not knowing that he was a bit offensive smelling. The waiter ushered him to a table away from the other students and then took his order, which was blissfully simple: he only wanted a glass of water and some 'greens'. The waiter wasn't positive what he ment, but assumed it was salad and was in fact correct.

    Once the food was dropped off, Rolo ate savagely, not using his silverwear as he plunged into the meal, drinking the water in a single gulp after the salad ceased to exist. Well, it'd be back later. Hopefully after he cleaned himself up...

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