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    Tanya Merrit

    Tanya Merrit
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    Name of character: Tanya "Tany" Merrit

    Age: 15

    Birthday: April 8, 1995

    Background: Tanya Merrit was like any other child. She had a mother, a father, and later on, a younger brother named Simon. She grew up in the sunny state of California, where she often spent her time of the beach. She had a few friends, but spent more time by herself, as she thought that many people were stupid, and were just embarrassing themselves by existing. She was, and is, very smart, but finds it difficult to deal with those below her own level of intelligence. Her lack of patience soon led to the sage green letter that appeared in her family's mailbox the next day.

    It was a fairly normal day for Tanya, minus the fact that she had forgotten her English project, her mother wasn't going to be able to get her from her second high school (apparently getting into a fight with another student and giving them a bloody nose was not in the school code of conduct) until late that afternoon after she had missed the bus, and she was being tormented by the latest bully, a simpleton by the name of Kelly. She and her little friends thought it would be funny to keep making fun of Tanya's hair, which was always a little on the crazy side, and dyed multiple colors besides. Tanya was ignoring them, trying to read a book, when Kelly finally just came over and pushed her out of her chair, daring Tanya to face her. That did it. When Tanya stood up again, the clear day outside became stormy. Clouds knit themselves together and the wind intensified, breaking the windows open with loud shatters. Fortunately, Tanya did not get any farther in using her previously unknown powers, as Kelly and her friends escaped and Tanya's mother arrived.

    Once the letter from Greenwood Academy arrived, Tanya's parents sent her away, fearing for Tanya's much loved brother, Simon. Tanya has spent the last three months at Greenwood, learning to harness her powers, rather than letting them channel themselves through her emotions.

    Appearance: Tanya is a wild looking person. Her red hair is rarely tamed, and is often down, and frizzy to say the least. Many people like to think she sticks her finger into an electrical socket and that makes her hair stick up (that's only partially correct, as the electricity inside of her makes her hair stick up). She's tall, too, standing at around 5 feet, 6 inches tall. She has bright blue eyes lined with freckles. She's normally seen wearing just basic T-shirts, jeans or shorts, a necklace of a lightening bolt around her neck, and all purpose tennis shoes. She'll occasionally exchange those out for a pair of tall boots with buckles all down the sides, but her tennis shoes usually work the best, as they contain a lot of rubber, which is good for not conducting electricity. You'll often see her reading or just staring off into space, thinking about something, or nothing at all.

    Personality: Tany is known for being really smart. She's quick at trying her hand to solve problems, and enjoys coming up with fast solutions. Her motto is, "Work smarter, not harder." This statement is slightly contradictory, because she enjoys working and having something to do with her hands especially, but she also likes to work quickly and get things done. With her lack of patience and short temper (which, combined together, get her into a lot of trouble), Tanya is difficult to befriend, although she appreciates enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and hard work. She's quite sarcastic, and feels the need to comment on virtually anything she notices about someone or something she deems odd or unusual (yet another trait that's usually getting her into trouble). If she is angered in any way, however, this will bring on her "true" anger, which is not yelling and screaming, but a fierce, concentrated anger that typically leads to strong thunderstorms.

    Tany is usually quick to trust, however, once someone proves that they can be trusted. She is a closeted idealist, meaning that she secretly belives that there is good in people, despite seeing the worst in many. She works hard in the hopes that she might one day help the world work together or accomplish something great.

    Overall, Tany is a person with a quick temper and a sarcastic view on life, but inside, she's an optimist, believing things will work out in the end, and does her best to make sure that things do work out for the best.

    How did you hear about us?
    I know the creator personally. :3
    Do you agree with all the rules? Yes.
    Do you wish to be a mythical creature or control a magical element? Magical Element
    What mythical creature/what element? Electricity/Lightening (however you want to put it)
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    That is awesome! I knew I would love yours!!

    P.S.You're a mod.

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