Dear New Student, Welcome to Greenwood Academy! You have been brought here because you are special, whether it is because you have control over an element or because you are a mythical creature. Sincerely, The Greenwood Academy Administration

Character sheet

Character sheet from Xander Ellis

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 Background :
Xander was diagnosed as schizophrenic at age 5 when he talked about the friends in his head to his kindergarten teacher. Swiftly taken from public schools, his well off parents paid for a private tutor to teach him. Xander was a tough student, even thoguh he excelled in academics, Xander’s voices messed with him constantly, putting him down. IT was about age 12 when Xander started to cut. His parents never noticed, and he kept it a secret until he mistakenly wore short sleeves one day. His parents threw a fit and paid good money to send him away to a ward. In a teen psychiatric ward, he still slit himself, the voices growing stronger everyday. He was still incredibly smart, but he hardly talked to the supposed doctors who were to help him. It was then that Xander, 14, discovered his powers. It started when he dreaded the doctor walking down the hall. He then noticed that the doctor was walking unmistakeably slow, like time was slowing. Xander sat up in his chair, interested. Xan noticed immediately that he moved at normal speed. his eyes aglow, Xan stood up, and walked. The doctor still moved slower. He took this chance to grab his stuff and walk out , slowing everyone down around him. As soon as he hit the front doors and air, Xander took off running, letting everyone back to speed. He ran for what seemed like forever, the tiredness catching up with him an hour or so later. Xander found a highway after a half hour and hitchhiked. Soon he climbed into the truck cabin of a lone man, who drove him to the nearest town. Xan got off there, and preceded to sleep behind a bush for the night. It wasn’t very comfortable. The next day, Xander hitchhiked to the next town, this time climbing into the cabin of a diesel. What he didn’t know, was that the man wasn’t planning on letting him go.
 Appearance :
Xander has unnatural blond hair, with long bangs in the front. IT has ragged streaks of blue and pink. He is on the taller side standing at 6 foot even. He is usually seen wearing his navy converse, jeans, and a vest over his t-shirt/long sleeved shirt. Xan has light lavender eyes, and a tan from living in the sun. Xander has a lanky build from the years on his own, being physically fit, while mentally he is a bit unstable.
 Personality :
Xander used to take everything for granted. Then the accident happened, and he’s learned to appreciate everything. The voices keep him from making friends, as most avoid the guy who talks to himself. Due to lack of social interaction, Xander’s a people person, and refuses to get close to anyone. He tries to be eccentric as possible, so people avoid him, and don’t ask to many questions. He likes to talk, just in general, not to anyone in particular, and enjoys creative writing, carrying around a journal to record a thought before the voices make him forget it.

Xander Ellis

Xander Ellis

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