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    Emmett Killinger

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    Emmett Killinger

    Post  Xander Ellis on Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:13 pm

    Name of character: Emmett Tyler Killinger

    Age: 15

    Birthday: 18 November 1995

    Background: Emmett was born into a typical American family on November 18, 1995. He grew up in Seattle, Washington, living an incredibly normal life. His mother worked as a secretary at a very successful law firm, and his father was a surgeon. After his birth, Emmett’s mother gave up her job in favor of taking care of her son. With his father’s profession, the fact that his mother was no longer working or bringing in an income didn’t matter. They still had plenty of money, and both his mother and his father agreed that the best care would be provided to him if his mother was there to take care of him.

    Three years after Emmett was born, his little brother Greyson was born. Being a curious little child, Emmett liked to poke his brother, stare at him for hours, and stick things in his crib just to see how he would react. Greyson usually reacted by crying, staring back, or happily playing with the item if it was a toy. The boys’ parents were happy with the way Emmett treated his brother, but one part of their relationship was completely inexplicable. Greyson had trouble sleeping during the day because of the sun. His parents first tried moving his crib away from the window, but the boy still cried. If Emmett walked in the room, though, Greyson would calm down, and he would slowly fall asleep.

    Both Emmett’s mother and father watched him for weeks, trying to figure out why. They knew he wasn’t slipping Greyson anything harmful, he wasn’t talking to him, he wasn’t handing him any stuffed animals, he wouldn’t touch his brother at all. He would just wander in, stare at Greyson through the bars of his crib, and wander out when he fell asleep. Emmett’s parents could see absolutely nothing going on, but they could feel the air in the room change. They swore they could feel a sense of calm and quiet, and the light seemed to dim a bit, but as logical people, they knew that just wasn’t possible.

    After two years of observing both their sons, the Killingers’ speculation all but diminished completely. They had no explanation for what was going on, and they figured they never would. All was renewed, though, when they took Emmett to visit his grandmother for his fifth birthday. Emmett quite clearly remembers his grandmother looking from him to his parents and back again before saying, “he has it in him.” His parents questioned his grandmother, and she responded with, “the magic, of course.”

    Emmett’s mother had grown up listening to her mother talk about the magic she could do, there were undoubtedly moments where magic did seem to happen, but she never truly believed that her mother was a witch, a sorceress, or anything of the sort. Hearing her mother say that her son had the magic was slightly unnerving, not because she really thought Emmett could perform magic, but because she thought her mother was starting to lose it.

    Regardless, all those involved had a good time, everybody enjoyed the party, and Emmett was disappointed to have to leave later that evening. As a five-year-old, he couldn’t explain what he was feeling, but something about his grandmother made him feel safe and at home. His parents were pleased that he felt such a connection, so over the next several years, they allowed Emmett to visit his grandmother fairly regularly, and to stay with her for most of the summer.

    The summer he was six, his grandmother explained the magic. She said members of their family had claimed magical abilities as far back as records documented, and some had even died in the Salem Witch Trials for standing by those claims. Emmett hardly knew what the Salem Witch Trials were at that age, but he understood the basic idea. He understood that it was bad. Still, his grandmother fully believed all the magical abilities were real, she believed she had them, and that held an influence over Emmett’s beliefs.

    Emmett questioned his grandmother that summer over whether or not he was truly magical. She assured him he was, she just didn’t know what his powers were. She said she was skilled in general magic, but throughout history, their ancestors had claimed power over certain aspects or even natural elements. She said it could take some time to determine Emmett’s skills, but he definitely had them. The boy believed that easily enough, but he was confused about one thing. If he had magical powers, why didn’t his parents? His grandmother explained that his father and his family were one hundred percent mortal as far as she was aware, and on her side of the family, the abilities had a habit of skipping a generation.

    Emmett understood that well enough, and that summer, he started experimenting with his grandmother, trying to figure out what his power may be. There wasn’t enough time that summer to determine for sure, but over the next several years, the two worked together to try to figure out what Emmett could do, so he could be trained in it. Finally, the summer he was ten, his grandmother finally realized he could control darkness.

    The two had been walking to Dairy Queen after dinner for a treat. No sooner had Emmett complained about the sun being in his eyes than the shadows lengthened, the sun dimmed, and the crickets began to sing. Emmett’s grandmother immediately recognized that as power over the dark, and she hugged him, overjoyed to have found his ability. The only problem with that was that there hadn’t been an elementalist in the family who could control darkness for centuries.

    His grandmother still tried to train him, though, and by the end of the summer, Emmett had gained a little control over his powers. His grandmother made him swear not to tell his parents because she was afraid they would think he had gone nuts, or would bar him from visiting her. He promised not to say a word, but throughout the school year, he still practiced in secret at home. He gained quite a bit of mastery over that time, and by the next summer, he was excited to show his grandmother what he could do.

    His grandmother was pleased with his efforts; however, she knew he could do so much better if properly trained. Over that summer, she began searching for schools that could teach him what he needed to know. Family journals, letters, and diaries mentioned several such schools throughout the centuries, and Emmett’s grandmother began looking into the schools. One had been destroyed in a fire, another in the Civil War, and yet another had been taken over by the government and turned into a mental institution. The students and staff in attendance of that school made up a majority of the patients after the conversion.

    By the end of the summer, Emmett’s grandmother had gotten nowhere, but she didn’t give up hope. She continued to search for the next three and a half years, and her prayers were finally answered in September of 2010. That was when the sage-green envelope bearing the Greenwood Academy showed up in the mail. When Emmett received it, he immediately took it to show his grandmother. She picked it up, a twinkle in her eyes. She said that the Greenwood Academy was renowned for training elementalists and mythical creatures. Nobody quite knew where it was, but the families with old magical blood had often heard about it. Emmett’s grandmother urged him to go immediately to better refine his skills, but he wasn’t so sure. He had already started his freshman year, and he didn’t want to leave at such an odd time. After talking to his grandmother and his parents, though, he finally agreed to transfer to Greenwood for his second semester.

    Confirmation of his attendance was sent back to the school in December, and Emmett is now waiting for a representative from the school to come get him. The reply mail detailed a pick-up location and time for January 8, 2011, and Emmett couldn’t be more excited to leave.

    Appearance: Emmett has pale skin, dirty blonde hair and dark grey eyes. His grandmother used to poke fun at his appearance after learning he could control darkness. She found it funny that a child of the night had light hair, light eyes, and even lighter skin. She gave him a box of black hair dye as a joke when he came home after his seventh grade year, saying that it didn’t do a controller of darkness any good if he couldn’t blend in. He had responded by saying that it didn’t matter what color his hair was, he would never blend into the night. When natural darkness fell, he had stepped out into the yard, quite plainly showing his grandmother that he glowed like the moon in the dark. She was rather shocked, but she found it pleasing at the same time.

    As far as his wardrobe is concerned, Emmett’s style isn’t overly exciting. That’s the one part of him that matches his abilities. He prefers dark colored t-shirts and dark wash jeans over anything else. When he fancies it, or when the occasion presents itself, he doesn’t mind dressing up in a pressed white shirt and black suit coat. He will adorn it with a bow tie every once in a while, but he only adds that in for extra fancy events. The one thing Emmett will never be found without is a worn leather bracelet with a crescent moon charm dangling off. His grandmother wove a bit of protection magic into it and gave it to him for his twelfth birthday.

    Personality: Despite being a child of darkness, Emmett is a relatively bright, happy person. He almost always has a smile on his face, and he loves to see other people smile. He’s fairly outgoing, and because of that, he finds it easy to make friends. He likes to be on good terms with everybody, he considers many people his friends, but only a select few earn the title of best friend. He is incredibly loyal to his friends and his family, and he will do absolutely anything for them. He would take a bullet for them without a second thought.

    Emmett isn’t very strong athletically, but he has plenty of mental and academic strength. He appreciates school and learning, even if he doesn’t always like everything he is being taught. He never truly enjoyed science, but oddly enough, he loved math. Math was always his strongest subject, and he loved the fact that there was always a definite answer to a problem. It could be approached from many different angles, but no matter how you did it, there was always one right answer in the end.

    True to his abilities, Emmett feels most alive at night. He can function just fine during the day, but he rejuvenates during the night. Whether awake or asleep, he regains energy in the darkest hours of the day. As such, he doesn’t need much sleep, and can often work perfectly find off of just three hours or less. Because he doesn’t sleep much, he has been known to slip out of his dorm after hours to go wandering the grounds. The fact that his skin glows scares off most potential predators, but, unfortunately, it tends to scare some people as well. He used to wander the streets at his grandmother’s house, but he quit doing that when the locals started to report ghost sightings.

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