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    Name of character: Genepe Orgel Dearth.
    Age: Seventeen
    Birthday: 5th June, 1993
    Background: During her younger days, Gen was basically a normal child who didn't show any sign of supernatural abilities. She did have a unique set of heterochromic eyes, but besides this, she was no different. Her parents had no abilities of that sort either, and none of her ancestors were known to show anything of that sort either. That's how 'normal' this family was.

    They lived in a five bedroom house; Gen's mother, father and herself. They could've been a family of four, but Gen's elder sibling was said to have died only a few months before birth. Despite the number of people living there, however, most of the time the only resident was Gen herself ;her parents were very busy because of their work, which involved them to be out from dawn to midnight, six days a week. They earned more than an average family, but the more they earned, the busier they got. It was inevitable that Gen and her parents started to become distant and awkward to each other. Her parents would often apologize, and offered to make it up by getting her anything she wants; which, ironically, wasn't something that can be bought. Even so, Gen hadn't told them what she wanted; how could she ask them to give up their work, when that was the only way her family was gaining money? If they gave up the work they had now, she knew how hard it'll be for them to find a simpler job, and that'll obviously pay far less, barely enough to fund their current expenses. Besides, even though they weren't a close family, it was the only family Gen had; that was more than enough reasons for her not to want to cut them off from what they've built so far.

    The first sign of 'abnormality' came around when Gen reached her mid-teens. It happened when she was asleep, just after dawn; a tremendous feeling seemed to pierce her, which instantly woke her up. This... feeling seemed to pound inside her, again and again. She didn't know what was happening; her voice didn't come out properly either, the thumping was still there. She didn't feel any physical pain, nor did she feel faint; in fact, her senses seemed more alert than ever. Sobbing a little, panicking, she got out of bed shakily and went straight to her parents' room. She wasn't thinking straight, she had no idea what was going on; all she could think of was her parents. Unfortuneately, they weren't there; she had missed them as they went to work. She curled herself at the doorpost of her parents' room; the thumping kept beating at her, the images of her parents in her head for some reason. After countless sobs and shivering, her body slowly relaxed as the thumping became calmer and calmer. She stayed curled up a while after the thump was gone, just in case; and as if it was all planned out, the home phone rang, giving her no choice but to go answer it.

    The 'abnormality' was fully realized after the funeral. Time passed like a blur for Gen from the time when she got a phone call from the hospital saying that her parents died on a car crash to now, at home all alone after the end of their burial. She'd now have to wait for a lawyer who was to get her a new guardian...
    she went back to her parents' room. The same scenery, but now was ownerless. That was when it happened again; the thumping feeling. Surprized, she instinctively curled again; that is, until she heard whispers in her ear. Hesitating, she looked around; there were two faint lights near her, just shining there weakly. A mix of curiosity and fear swept her, but the lights didn't seem to move... and that whisper, it sounded so much like her mother's voice...
    Well, she realized that nothing was quite the same anymore when she approached the lights. She was either losing it, or those two lights were apparently her parents. It was a one-sided chat; no matter what she said, they couldn't hear. Their voice, however, could be heard by her; how much they loved her, how sorry they were, etc etc.

    Long story short, these incidents occured more often as time passed while she moved in with her children-less aunt who was a distant relative and her new guardian. She never told anyone though; it was her little secret, being able to talk to spirits and to control them to a certain extent.

    It came to no surprise that one day, she found an invitation addressed to her...

    Appearance: Image of Gen; Not drawn by me.
    Black hair coming down to the shoulders; she dyed the leftern strands of hair violet. Gen possesses a peculiar heterochromic eyes, her right eye is sable black just like her mother's and her left, clear blue like her father's. Last time she checked, she was five foot seven. Gen has a pale complexion due to staying indoors almost all her life. A bit light-weight and thin compared to her age, but she's not a total weakling; while not strong, she has been taking care of her looks by trying out various exercises.

    She usually wears a plain white shirt, a short-sleeved black zipper hoodie which is unzipped most of the time, simple pants which matches the hoodie and a comfortable pair of light sneakers. When she's in a colder climate, she tends to switch her hoodie for a longer-sleeved hoodie back at her place, along with a pair of finger-less gloves. Yes, she knows that her fingers are in more risk of the cold than her palm, but she really hates how gloves tend to make her hands klutzy.

    Personality: The death of her parents made her someone who tried not to make close relationships. That is why while she is polite and respects others, she isn't willing to make close friends. She isn't an idiot, but she tends to act like as if she has a loose screw. She doesn't really have a sense of justice, which might be why she doesn't mind helping, whether the result will hinder others or not. What matters to her is that she gets what she wants.

    Staying with her distant aunt taught her to be a fine listener; her aunt used to babble endlessly about all the people she met 'the other day'. Another technique she gained was to evaluate how to get the answers out of a chatterbox a talkative person without hindering their feelings... too much. In that way, she can be pretty perceptive.

    -short answers-
    How did you hear about us? Kironin Central
    Do you agree with, and have you read, all the rules? Yes and yes.
    Do you wish to be a mythical creature or control a magical element? Magical Element
    What element? the element of Spirits, to talk and to control (control can only be done when the spirit is willing to be controlled, so I can't God-Mod or anything XP)
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