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    Santanna Perez

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    Name of character:
    Santanna Perez
    Age: 15

    Birthday: April 21,1995

    Santanna has never had it easy. She wasnt rich, she lived in a bad part of New York. From the moment she could walk and talk her parents started beating her. Her twin would get hit sometimes but she usually got the brunt of it. By the time she was seven she had received a broken nose, some broken ribs, and a broken collar bone, all from her parents. It was after her seventh birthday, when there was nothing happy about it, that she decided that she wouldn't let herself be pushed around any more. She started to teach herself self defense. When her parents beat her a few months later she defended herself and they sent her to juvie. Since she was seven, she spent a month there. When she got home her parents were worse. They beat her almost everyday. She started staying at a friends house. But after doing that for a month her parents took her back home. Santanna started acting differently, meaner, ruder, and more defensive. Sometimes she would run away, just to come back the next day, so her twin wouldnt be beat. When she ran she found she was calmer. By the time she was eight she was skipping school, or when she bothered to show up she would always get in trouble. Only her brother knew how much it hurt her when her parents beat her, everyone else thought she was used to it. At night her brother would come into her room and just hug her as she cried herself to sleep. By the time she was 10 she was ready to leave, just get out. But she couldnt leave her brother. She continued to put up with her parents. Her brother knew that she wanted to leave. He actually encourged her to go, but she wouldnt leave him. Santana has alway had a special connection with lightning, something that frieghtened her parents and got her extra beatings when she mentioned it, or when she stood outside in storms to watch the lightning. She remembers one time it struck right in front of her and she wasnt scarred. By the time she was 12 she had almost been killed by her parents. Her dad had cut her with a knife, she had just come in from watching a storm and her father started yelling at her about how dangerous storms were and she was saying that living with him and her mom was more dangerous, it was then that he pulled out a knife and cut her right cheek. Her brother came in and started yelling at them, then he grabbed her arm and dragged her outside. It was still raining but her brother picked her up and carried her all the way to the hospital. She got stiches in her face. When the doctors called the police and she told them her parents did this to her, they didnt do anything, they just drove her and her brother home. Then when she walked in the door her mom went of with some crap that she was gonna cost her and her father a bunch of money they didnt have and that she was gonna cause them even more trouble for bringing a cop home. Her mom then proceeded to hit her right infront of the cop, all the cop did was tell her to get better and to stay safe. When Santanna was 13, on Christmas day her dad attempted to stab her brother, she lost it. She grabbed her brother, who had a cut on his back and took him to her neighbors, who then drove them to the hospital. She then took her brother back to her neighbors house and snuck back to her house where she took a knife fore safety. Then she confronted her parents. She ended up back in juvie. After two months she got out on parole and started livng in her neighbors houuse with her brother, at least till their 14th birthday when their parents remembered them. Then they had to go back home for more abuse. Shortly after their 15th birthday Santanna got a sage envelope with an invite to a place called Greenwood Academy. She didnt want to leave her brother, they were twins, why didnt he get his letter. Sure he didnt like lightning but he had shown signs of abilities in the past. Eventually it came time for Santanna to leave, she didnt show how upset she was, only her brother knew how upset she really was. They promised that they would keep in touch and that he would call when he got the chance. HEr neighbor promised that she would look after her brother and so Santanna reluctantly left her brother, and gladdly bid farewell to her parents. She arrived at Greenwood looking like she had just gotten out of a huge fight, and like she was one for fighting.

    Santanna has tan skin and long wavy black hair. She has dark brown eyes. She has an athletic build. She has a determined look in her eye that many people mistake for a cold look. She also has a hardened look about her because of her month in juvie. She has bruises on her arms, a black eye, and a scar down her right cheek from where her dad got her with a knife. If you get to know her she can be really nice. Her hard, cold face will seem softer and somewhat nicer. You can tell that at one point she was really beautiful but now her scar and bruises cover that.

    Personality: Santanna can be a bit of a jerk. She was abused by her parents so she is defensive. She taught herself to fight when she was little so she could defend herself from her parents. Unfortunately that meant she was accused with attacking them. So she had to go to juvie for a month. Because of that she has a hardened look about her, like someone who has seen bad things. She can get rather defensive when it comes to being bullied. She doesn't have many friends cause most people are scared of her. One of the only people who hangs out with her is her twin. She really needs a kind friend who is patient enough to get through to her.

    -short answers-
    How did you hear about us? HBH
    Do you agree with, and have you read, all the rules? yes
    Do you wish to be a mythical creature or control a magical element? magical element
    What mythical creature/what element? lightning

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    Accepted! You can go ahead and make your second account.

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