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    Somber High! ~ Cryptic School for the 'Gifted'


    Somber High! ~ Cryptic School for the 'Gifted' Empty Somber High! ~ Cryptic School for the 'Gifted'

    Post  Skye on Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:49 am

    [align=center]~Somber High~[/align]

    [align=center]Somber High! ~ Cryptic School for the 'Gifted' SomberAdRE[/align]

    Somber High looks just like a normal high school. And that's what people are lead to believe it is. But little do they know it's a school for 'gifted' teenagers. Vampires, werewolves, superkids (kids with powers), and even some humans all go here. And like a normal high school, there are cliques. Vampires usually stick with other vampires, werewolves with werewolves and superkids with superkids. But occasionally someone will break from their clique and hang out with someone new and exciting. That's when the fun begins!

    It's high school! Parties, love and heartbreak, best friends and enemies, it all happens here! Only difference is these teenagers are more dangerous and deadly. You get on the wrong side of a vampire and you better watch your back!

    Somber High - Anything can happen here...


    Do you love vampires? Werewolves? People with superpowers? If you do, then you'll love Somber High - Cryptic School for the 'Gifted'. It's a high school RP with a twist! There's so many options for you to explore at Somber High, including canons! We're literate, yet lenient. It's run by two great admins, who won't get on your case if you don't write enough. We just want what most RPers want, to have fun and to write!

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