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    Vincent Lewis (CS Sheet) {Fixed}

    Vincent Lewis

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    Vincent Lewis (CS Sheet) {Fixed} Empty Vincent Lewis (CS Sheet) {Fixed}

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    Name of character:Vincent Lewis (Vince)



    Background:Left on a doorstep at birth he was raised by people who he had no relation to what so ever, he learned this fact himself when he learned that he looked nothing like them. Vince grew up in the world of politics however he learned to drown this out by reading manga’s and writing stories of his own. His life went on like this clear till he was 14 when he realized that he had the element of fire. He learned this when he touched things and they would just burst into flames. At first Vince didn’t know what to think he just figured he would make the best of it and learn to control this power of his. For the next 2 years besides going to school he did nothing but train himself to control his element which turned out nicely. In the process of doing this he also learned to use simple spells like fire ball and fire rain, He was curious as to how he got this power and why he got it. When everything was said and done it became his goal to locate his mother that left him at birth...

    Appearance: After working out at the gym so many times the tone of body is quite to his liking. He has black short hair with brown eyes he’s 6ft, 146lbs.though even after all of the weight lifting he still looks pretty thin. Vince can normally be found wearing either black or blue jeans with regular sneakers and some kind of t-shirt he’s pretty laid back when it comes to his look and doesn’t go all out unless it’s for a special occasion. When it comes to his formal outfit he’d go with dress pants normally brown or tan and a button up dress shirt. Pretty much whatever makes Vince comfortable he will wear. Vince has no tattoos and a single piercing on his left ear. He doesn’t prefer to ink up his body or get too many piercings due to the fact that it looks rather bad for his appearance…

    Personality: Vince is the laid back time while being romantic at the same time. He likes to sit around and read manga’s and other books. Some would say he’s a total nerd cause at most times he’s doing nothing but reading. However before coming to the academy this is the same sort of thing he did at home. He has no problem talking to the ladies but doesn’t have much luck do to his laid back personality. When it comes to knowledge he has none what so ever for math however the rest of his core subjects like English, writing, history and science he has no problems in. His personality has allowed him to pretty much master his element though he still practices from time to time to further his skill.

    -Short answers-

    How did you hear about us? Found you on forum motion when I was searching through the directory.

    Do you agree with, and have you read, all the rules? I have read all of the rules and I agree and will abide by them.

    Do you wish to be a mythical creature or control a magical element? I wish to control an element.

    What mythical creature/what element? I preferred lightning however I guess fire will do fine.

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    Vincent Lewis (CS Sheet) {Fixed} Empty Re: Vincent Lewis (CS Sheet) {Fixed}

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    You could have lightning if you want. Anything is possible, but you can't enroll in Greenwood. Greenwood enrolls you. If you could fix that one thing, and if you wanna change your element to lightning, go ahead, then we'll get you all fixed up.

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