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    Post  Gypsy on Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:22 am


    Kings Game Kingsgamead

    is a dark, futuristic fantasy roleplaying game taking place on an island simply referred to as The Game. There, six different tribes--White, Black, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow--all fight for dominance, territory, food, members, and various missions passed down from their Players in order to stay alive. Take on various roles, from the stealthy rooks to the knights with their mounts, King's Game has a little something for everyone. Featuring dragons, vampires, lycanthropes, airships, and several different locales on one solid island setting, King's Game has many opportunities to offer.

    King's Game has no word count, a short and painless application process, and a relaxed environment. We are, however, a mature rated board, due to violence, death, and strong sexual themes. We encourage and welcome LGBT characters, too!

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