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    Post  Indie on Mon Jan 31, 2011 8:50 pm

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    The Hadley Institute for Troubled Youth is like a dream come true for bewildered, frustrated, or selfish guardians of behaviorally challenged teenagers and foster children. A privately funded and operated school, The Hadley Institute is excruciatingly selective regarding its student base. An extensive background investigation and screening process is undertaken to pre-select students... before the potential student ever receives the introduction and application packet.

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    But if you have learned anything from this life, it should be that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. Nothing in this world is free, and just because something glimmers doesn't mean it's gold.

    More goes on behind the doors of this seemingly saint-like institution than correcting psychiatric, behavioral, and personality issues, or providing an education for students who can't find another school that will enroll them.

    Funded largely under the radar by major pharmaceutical companies, the school is a front for illegal testing of newly developed medicines that haven't yet received a green light from the FDA. Students are selected from innumerable lists that generate the ideal test subjects for a vast array of these drugs. How do they keep this conspiracy a secret? Quite easily, actually. The students don't even know they're being used.

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    What the students are aware of are the whispered voices that they hear when they're all alone, or the occasional glimpse of unexplained movement in an otherwise still room. From the ghosts named 'The Shaman' and 'The Rebel Twins' to the ones called 'The Mangled Miner' and 'The Doctor', anyone can see that Hadley has a rich and bloody history.

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    Welcome to The Hadley Institute for Troubled Youth, a private pharmaceutical hell for tragically misunderstood teens. Join the struggle to find yourself under unbelievable pressure, in the midst of an elaborate conspiracy to illegally test unapproved drugs, and in the presence of an ill assortment of spirits who are up to anything but rest.

    And that's not even touching the problems you might face from the rest of the student base.

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