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    Nabatea Academy [IF, Slash]


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    Excerpt taken from the Nabatea Academy Recruitment Handbook, 2010 ed.

    Nestled cozily amongst the picturesque, snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps, Nabatea Academy is an exclusive institution which caters to those young men aged seventeen and above with exceptional talent and promise. As the top-ranking academy of its kind in the world, Nabatea is dedicated to the education, both magical and otherwise, of students gifted with powers beyond the scope of normal human imagination.

    While at the academy students will be taught by world-renowned professors to harness and control their abilities, and will additionally be given an education in the natural sciences, humanities, arts and commerce. Nabatea offers full-time undergraduate, graduate and professional programs of excellent quality to those individuals who qualify.


    Nabatea is a newly founded SLASH forum which caters to those awesome slashers who want to have a really good time with pretty boys (and two whole cannibals!). We're a mature site, but we'll protect your virgin eyes if need be. We have an interesting supernatural twist that is sure to please, friendly and often rather spazzy staff on site to welcome each new member, and a Mama Kraken!. x] There is no strict word count--we place quality over quantity.

    If you are interested, please come visit us:Here

    ( And thank you for letting us advertise on your site. <33 )

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