Dear New Student, Welcome to Greenwood Academy! You have been brought here because you are special, whether it is because you have control over an element or because you are a mythical creature. Sincerely, The Greenwood Academy Administration

    Nicholai Ocello

    Nicholai Ocello
    Nicholai Ocello

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    Name of character:
    Nicholai Ocello

    Background:50 words minimum
    Nicholai always knew that he was special. Being adopted at a young age because of his golden locks and icy blue eyes, he learned very early on that he wasn’t human. In fact, he was a nephilim, half fallen angel, half human. His adoptive parents were vineyard owners in southern Italy, so he grew up relatively alone. His parents knew of course, what he was, and did their best to help him reach his true potential. He was home schooled, and had an incredible knack for learning, especially in Alchemy and runic studies. He learned several languages, and was gifted at music,He was also fascinated by the runes themselves, taking a liking to getting them tattooed on his arms. He chose the ones for strength, endurance, and countless others. He trained with wooden weapons that he carved himself, and by helping around the vineyard, grew strong. But Nicholai Ocello had a fatal flaw. He was violent. HE often didn’t think things through enough to have a rational decision.

    As a late sixteen year old, lonely Nic found himself in the chemicals shed, a large shack that housed chemicals used to kill pests. Being the violent teen he was, he was peeved at his adoptive parents for being so overbearing on his training and tight-fist-ed about his separation from humanity, that he grabbed the gallons of pesticides and doused the empty house front. Lighting the match, he walked away with his bag and watched his home-life turn into ashes.

    With the money he stole from a strangers wallet using his quickness, he paid for a hotel room in a small Italian city. It was there he received a letter from the desk downstairs. It was an olive green, opening it, he quickly read the information and set off to Greenwood academy, eager to leave his past life behind.

    Appearance: 50 words minimum
    As with all nephilim, Nicholai is an extremely handsome young man, with golden brown hair and icy blue eyes. He stands at 5 foot 11 inches and a half, and has a dimple on his left cheek. There is a slight discoloration in his right eye due to a science experiment gone wrong. He has black and silver tattoos snaking up his tanned, muscular arms. He is usually seen wearing black or white v-neck shirts and dark blue jeans. There is a small golden ring he wears on a necklace around his neck, a gift from his adoptive parents.

    Personality: 50 words minimum
    Nicholai is a stunningly smart teen who likes to hang with friends ,from the lack of never having any. He doesn’t like strangers, but has a very warm heart. He tends to help those in need, but has a very violent streak when someone angers him. He is a very strong believer in equality, and hates stuck up people. Nicholai doesn’t thin kthrough non-academic problems, and has made too many mistakes just from being curious.

    -short answers-
    How did you hear about us? Graham Wolfe
    Do you agree with, and have you read, all the rules? Yes.
    Do you wish to be a mythical creature or control a magical element? Mythical creature
    What mythical creature/what element?

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    I like it a lot! Accepted! Smile

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