Dear New Student, Welcome to Greenwood Academy! You have been brought here because you are special, whether it is because you have control over an element or because you are a mythical creature. Sincerely, The Greenwood Academy Administration

    Caitlyn Redwood

    Caitlyn Redwood

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    Caitlyn Redwood

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    Name of character:
    Caitlyn Redwood
    Age: 14

    Birthday: December 22, 1996

    Caitlyn aka Caitie, or Cait; was born in Langon, France. It is on the left bank of the Garonne river, near the border between a wine-growing region of Bordeaux and the forest of Landes. Ever since she was a young girl she loved the Earth. She loved to play outside and in the forest. Of course when she was three this caused a bit of a problem, seeing as her older brother who was supposed to watch her, had been told stories of monsters that lived in the forest. So he often  let her in the woods. When this happened often plants around her would shrivel or die. One time there was an earthquake. Caitlyn's parents didn't have special abilities, neither did her brother.  When she got her envelope of acceptance to Greenwood Academy, her parents flipped out and tool her to multiple doctors,hoping they could provide an explanation, they just told her parents that she could control a magical element, and then her parents locked her away hoping they could force the abilities out of her. Her father, since he was an drunk,  even went so far as to beat her a few times when he was drunk, in his attempt to make her normal. Caitlyn was finally allowed to attend Greenwood Academy. 

    Caitlyn has glossy red  hair that is sometimes wavy depending on the weather. She has brown eyes. She has a determined face. When she smiles it seems to take up her entire face. She also  has bangs that end right above her eyes.

    Personality: Caitlyn is kind and sincere. When she says something, she means it. She rarely breaks a promise and when she does it is with good reason. You could describe her as  a very down to earth girl. She is however very insecure. She does not have much self confidence. When Caitlyn was little she was often picked on and she found comfort only in gardening, or going in the forest.  Often she is found by herself since she never had any friends.

    -short answers-
    How did you hear about us? HBH
    Do you agree with, and have you read, all the rules? yes
    Do you wish to be a mythical creature or control a magical element? control a magical element
    What mythical creature/what element? earth
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    Re: Caitlyn Redwood

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    I'm glad you got it to work! Smile

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