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    ADVERTISING RULES - Please Read before posting!

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    ADVERTISING RULES - Please Read before posting! Empty ADVERTISING RULES - Please Read before posting!

    Post  Tanya Merrit on Sat Dec 11, 2010 10:42 am

    advertising rules !

    Rule Number One:
          No spam or abuse. If you abuse another member, or spam our boards, your ad (and any account you may have) will be deleted without warning.

    Rule Number Two:
          Please post as a guest. This is to prevent clogging our site with extra members that have no intention of joining.

    Rule Number Three:
          Obviously, please give us a link to your site's home page and to your advertising board so we can link back.

    Rule Number Four:
          Please use the preview button before posting your ad. You will have to remove any blockquotes, change font sizes to things like 12, 14, 18, etc, and other things of that nature because this is a forumotion site. For courtesy's sake, please try to make sure your banner isn't obnoxiously large and does not stretch the board.

    Note: At the moment, Greenwood has no affiliation board/rules/etc. We're still new and figuring it out, so check back later on affiliation! Smile

    please PM an admin if you have any questions !


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