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    Canon Characters!
    Here are just a few canon characters that you can pick from. If you want to be one of the canon characters, please PM one of the admins with a roleplaying sample from the character you wish to apply as (put the character's name in the title when you PM us). Make it of good quality!

    We will be adding more soon!

    Canon Characters 42914910
    Name: Robert Covington
    Age: 17
    Birthday: March 17, 1993
    Background: Robert Covington was born on March 17, 1993 in Paris, France. Robert was born into a family of millionaires, with an enchantress, fashion designing mother, a light controlling father who was left millions when his parents passed, a wind controlling, modeling sister, and a thunder controlling, lacrosse star brother. Robert’s brother and sister both starting showing their abilities when they turned about eight. When eight came and passed and Robert showed no abilities, his parents began to worry about him not having any ability at all. They took him to countless doctors, not one of them was able to figure it out. It wasn’t until he was thirteen when he first started showing the ability to control earth. On his seventeenth birthday, instead of getting the blue envelope from the academy in Paris, his siblings went to; he got a sage one from Greenwood Academy.
    Personality: Robert is a stereotypical Frenchman. He is stuck up, snobby and thinks he is better than everyone else. He is the most competitive person you will ever meet. He will stop at nothing to win. He is a natural at everything he tries. He makes everything look effortless. Even though everyone knows that he’s a cheater, he always has a girlfriend.
    Appearance: Robert is about six foot even, with an athletic build from all the sports he plays. He has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He, of course, he has a curved, French nose. He has a sophisticated and arrogant air about him. He is always found in the most expensive and fashionable European clothes.
    Species: Controller
    Element: Earth

    Canon Characters Images10
    Name: Taylor Williams
    Age: 13
    Birthday: June 20, 1997
    Background: Taylor Williams was born on June 20, 1997 in Concord, Massachusetts. Her mother raised her to be the proper young woman that she is. She grew up in a very religious family, so her religion is very important to her. She has one brother, Christopher, who is her best friend and is two years older than her. When Taylor was ten she and Christopher started showing signs that they had special abilities. Taylor that she could breathe underwater and Christopher started having dead people talk to him. Neither of their parents were special, just them. At age twelve Taylor found out she was part mermaid, and Christopher found out he was a necromancer. A couple weeks after Christopher’s fifteenth birthday, two sage green envelopes arrived in the mail for him and Taylor telling them that they had been accepted to Greenwood Academy. She has a secret love for Nicolas Boyd, but sense he is three years older than she; she know he will never fall for her.
    Personality: Taylor is a very proper girl. She always does what she is told and never complains. She is nice to everyone and never says a single word bad about anyone. Everyone thinks she is very innocent, but really she isn’t. She may act sweet and nice to everyone, but on the inside she is anything but. For every nice word she says about someone, she says about five mean ones in her head. She has a compulsive cleaning disorder, any mess she sees; she has to clean it up right away. She is also very possessive, and if she cannot have something, no one can.
    Appearance: Appearance: Human- Taylor has shoulder length straight, blonde hair and blue eyes. She is petite at five foot two inches and ninety pounds. She has a narrow face, with a pointed nose, high cheek bones, and a thin mouth. Her dress is very girly, sun dresses or shirts and skirts. She always wears jewelry and light makeup.
    Mermaid- As a mermaid, Taylor looks exactly the same except for the fact that she wears a pale green bikini top and has a pale pink tale.
    Species: Half Human Half Mermaid
    Element: N/A

    Canon Characters Images11
    Name: Christopher Williams
    Age: 15
    Birthday: November 16, 1995
    Background: Christopher Williams was born on November 16, 1995 in Concord, Massachusetts. His mother attempted to raise him to be the proper young man, but she didn’t succeed. He grew up in a very religious family, so his religion is very important to him. He has one sister, Taylor, who is his best friend and is two years younger than him. When Christopher was twelve he and Taylor started showing signs that they had special abilities. Taylor that she could breathe underwater and Christopher started having dead people talk to him. Neither of their parents were special, just them. At age fourteen Christopher found out he was a necromancer, and found out she was part mermaid. A couple weeks after Christopher’s fifteenth birthday, two sage green envelopes arrived in the mail for him and Taylor telling them that they had been accepted to Greenwood Academy.
    Personality: Christopher is a lot like his younger sister, except for the fact of instead of only thinking the mean things, he says them aloud. He is very impulsive, as soon as a thought pops into his head he acts on it without thinking about the consequences until later. If something bad happens, everyone almost always points to Christopher first. He is class clown and a huge trouble maker. Once you get past all the bad stuff and get to know him, you will find out that he is actually a decent guy.
    Appearance: Christopher is average height, five foot ten with a skinny frame. He has short messy black, piercing dark blue eyes, and a long, pointed nose. He is one of those people that when you’re scanning a crowd, you do a double take. He is handsome, but in a rugged, bad boy way. He gives off a bad boy vibe with his leather jacket and black pants he always wears.
    Species: Necromancer
    Element: N/A

    Canon Characters Daniel10
    Name: Madeline Forbes
    Age: 11
    Birthday: October 19, 1999
    Background: Madeline Forbes was born on October 19, 1999 in Phoenix, Arizona. Madeline was born into a large, not very wealthy family, with every single person being a wind controller. At the young age of two Madeline started showing the ability to control wind. When she was eight, Madeline’s father lost his job and the eight person family had to live on the salary of her mother and whatever jobs her siblings could pick up. Madeline grew up with a strong and loving family that helped each other with all the problems that faced. Madeline watched all of her five siblings go off to the academy on a scholarship. She wasn’t surprised when she got the sage green envelope in the mail one day. But what did surprise her was that she got it at the age of twelve. The youngest most people are accepted in is thirteen. The administration decided that she was too powerful to be on her own anymore so they accepted her early.
    Personality: Madeline has a good sense of right and wrong from learning from her siblings’ mistakes. She also puts her family first, no matter what and would do anything for them. She is caring and sweet, but if you do something to her family, you better watch out; she’s a lot tougher than she looks. Madeline is very shy, and isn’t the type of person who will go up to people and introduce herself to them.
    Appearance: At five foot five, with legs up to here, Madeline is tall for her age. Madeline has slightly wavy, reddish brown hair that is almost always in pigtails. She has a slightly rounded face with black eyes, red lips and rosy cheeks. Green is her favorite color, and she is almost always wearing some shade of it. She normally wears a t-shirt and either jeans or shorts with flip-flops.
    Species: Controller
    Element: Wind

    Canon Characters Sev-mc10
    Name: Matt Hunter
    Age: 16
    Birthday: September 6, 1994
    Background: Matt Hunter was born on September 6, 1994 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He lived a normal childhood, growing up with an older brother and a younger sister. One day when he was seven, he found out that he was a fire demon; well actually he found that out later, he found out that he could control fire that day. Being seven, he hadn’t learned yet that playing with fire was a bad thing. He was playing with it in his room when he saw his siblings outside. He decided to show them what he could do. As he went outside, he didn’t realize that he had left fire going in the house. He, his brother, Caleb, and his sister, Amelia, went for a walk. When they came back they found that the house had burnt down, with their parent inside it.

    Caleb, being fifteen, decided that the best idea for them was to run away. They went to the back and took all the money out of their parents account and they were on the run. They took a bus to Pittsburg and stayed in a cheap motel for four years. During those years, they got as many jobs as they could. It was hard for a seven and six year old to find jobs, but they ended up just washing cars, walking dogs, and jobs like that that. Caleb was able to get a job that earned enough money for the room and food. During this time, Amelia started showing that she was a half human, half elf. As they got older, Matt and Amelia were able to find better paying jobs, such as babysitting. Everything was going well until Matt was babysitting for someone their parents had evidently known. The person called the police, and they were on the run again.

    This time they moved to Cleveland. They lived there for four more years. Around the time Matt turned sixteen, someone found him and told him he was special. That person was from Greenwood Academy. They took Matt to Greenwood, and said that they would be taking Amelia soon. Matt had to abandon the only family he had left; with only a few words saying he would see his sister again. Matt left for the academy not knowing if he would ever see his siblings again.
    Personality: Matt is one of those guys who’s everyone’s friend. He gets along with everyone and is a real sweetheart. His only fatal flaw is that it takes a while for him to trust someone. He is caring and will do anything someone asks. Unlike a lot of people when they ask how someone is doing, he truly cares, and will go out of his way to help him. The girl who ends up going out with him, is really lucky. He’s a great catch.
    Appearance: Matt looks like just an ordinary guy, not too good looking, but not too bad either. Though, once you get to know him you find out that he is extraordinary. He is tall at six foot four and has an athletic build. He really only has two expressions, a determined look or a smile. His smile is perfect with perfectly white teeth. He normally wears a t-shirt and either jeans or athletic shorts.
    Species: Fire Demon
    Element: N/A

    Canon Characters Laura-10
    Name: Giselle Wish
    Age: 15
    Birthday: August 19, 1995
    Background: Giselle Wish was born on August 19, 1995 in Olympia, Washington. Giselle was born into a family that just consisted of her mother, a water controller, and her older sister, a half human, half water nymph. Giselle’s father had abandoned her family when he found out her mother was pregnant again. Giselle’s mother and sister blamed Giselle for him leaving, and they told Giselle that as often as they could. Giselle grew up in a family that hated her until she was ten when her mother died in a car crash. Giselle and her sister, Emily, were left as orphans. Emily decided to live with a friend and told Giselle she didn’t want her to live with her.

    Giselle was left to live on her own. She stayed in the small house she had lived in with her mother and sister for a week until her aunt came and took her away. Her aunt didn’t really want to take in Giselle either, but she felt like it was an obligation to her sister. Giselle lived there for two years until she started showing signs of being able to control water. When her ant found that out she took Giselle to her father. Giselle’s aunt had always resented her sister because she had gotten a special ability, but Giselle’s aunt hadn’t.

    When Giselle got to her father’s house, he apologized for leaving them. He told her that if he could take it all back, he would. Giselle lived with her father for three years. During those three years, she was the happiest she had ever been in her entire life. Giselle’s water ability continued to get stronger and stronger. One day when she got home from school, a sage green envelope was waiting for her. She had been accepted to Greenwood Academy. When she got there she found out that she wasn’t just a water controller, she, like her sister, was a half human, half water nymph.
    Personality: Despite everything that had happened to her, she actually came out as a good person. When you first meet her you could never guess that she has abandonment issues, she covers that up by being sweet, caring, and overly nice. But she definitely does have an abandonment issues, you will only find that out after a while of knowing her. She is very closed off and secretive, not even her best friends know her whole history. She is very wary of everyone, she makes sure she keeps her friends close, but not too close.
    Appearance: Like all water nymphs she is gorgeous. She has curly, white blonde hair that hits past her shoulders. She has mysterious grayish blue eyes that show she has a secret. She is tall at five foot seven and has a slim build. She normally wears either a flowing sun dress or a shirt and jeans or shorts. It is very rare that you will see her in clothes that aren’t blue. Being a water nymph, she loves blue. She wears virtually no makeup.
    Species: Half Human, Half Water Nymph
    Element: N/A

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