Dear New Student, Welcome to Greenwood Academy! You have been brought here because you are special, whether it is because you have control over an element or because you are a mythical creature. Sincerely, The Greenwood Academy Administration

    Graham Wolfe -illusionist-


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    Graham Wolfe
    Graham Wolfe

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    Graham Wolfe -illusionist- Empty Graham Wolfe -illusionist-

    Post  Graham Wolfe on Fri Dec 10, 2010 10:55 am

    Name of character:
    Graham Wolfe

    Was born in 1994, but does not know date. (unofficial birthday on New Years Day.

    Background:50 words minimum
    Graham was an orphaned child. He grew up in a group home for troubled boys, well, that is, until he ran away. Graham never really knew what day he was born on, who his parents were, only the fact that he was never wanted by anyone. But what set the mysterious boy apart from other people was the fact that he was ‘special’. Graham could make others see things that weren’t really there. Like a mirage. He made his group parents believe that there weren’t any dishes in the house, that the toilet was always flushing-small things like that. And he told no one. After all, the big men would’ve came if they knew about his ‘powers.’ But as the years progressed, Graham found himself doing crazier illusions and becoming more fed up with the home itself.

    He would get in fights with the other boys, but they didn’t know what hit them when they saw two or three different people coming to fight. graham wasn’t having fun in his little games anymore. School was a bore since he was already passing the material for his grade and the next. And he was alone most of the time. It was like people sensed that something was different about him, something didn’t add up. So when his group parents told him off for the millionth time, he showed them an illusion of him hanging himself, one of the biggest mirages he’d attempted.

    Drained and tired, he left the home and the state that he lived in desperate for a new place unto which he could fit in and rest. Then he would train. But as always, the men in the suits, now called social workers, found him when a farmer caught him stealing food.

    So he was placed in foster care again, this time with an elderly old man that seemed to need Graham take care of him more than the other way around. Graham didn’t know if it was the man’s quiet ways, or the shine in his eyes that led him to actually like this home. The old man played chess with the growing prodigy, even though Graham learned quick and beat him only after a few matches. They solved puzzles together and sat with tea. No words were usually said, the man communicated by leaving cryptic notes for Graham, usually in some sort of code. So when Graham came home from the private school he was enrolled in to find the old man lying on the couch, he thought nothing of it. But Graham felt odd about it, something was wrong. That’s when he realized that the man was no longer amongst the living. Graham was grieving hard, but he didn’t cry as he gingerly laid a sheet from the back room over the man, and dialed 911.

    By the time the cops got there, Graham had collected the mail and left the old house. This time for good. It was in the mail that he found a strange green letter for Greenwood academy. A sort of school for kids ‘like him’. Curious, and with no place to go, Graham used the Man’s money to travel to the school. Graham was cold hearted now, and his studies were all he cared about anymore. After all, everything he once loved was gone, and most was tied to his strange abilities.

    Appearance: 50 words minimum
    Graham has dark hair and stormy grey eyes. He stands a little short at 5 feet, 5 inches. A lanky swimmers build and wide shoulders accommodates his elfish face and slightly shaggy hair. Graham is usually seen wearing black converse, monochromatic straight-legged jeans and his old beat up leather jacket, and some sort of scarf. Graham is never seen without his aviator’s sunglasses and a checkered bandanna in his pocket.

    Personality: 50 words minimum
    Graham is a cold hearted person, and doesn’t talk much. He is gifted in the element of Illusion and is advanced in his studies of psychology and the human nature. Sports and physical activities bore him, besides running he usually doesn’t work out. Graham doesn’t like to socialize and would prefer not to let anyone inside of his mind. If someone manages to crack his shell and become a friend, he will stay loyal until they give him reason not to. He is not egotistical, though people make him out to be because of his nature.

    -short answers-
    How did you hear about us? HBH
    Do you agree with, and have you read, all the rules? YES
    Do you wish to be a mythical creature or control a magical element? Element
    What mythical creature/what element?
    The Element of Illusion
    Kalyca Starling
    Kalyca Starling

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    Graham Wolfe -illusionist- Empty Re: Graham Wolfe -illusionist-

    Post  Kalyca Starling on Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:31 pm

    Accepted!!! I like it a lot!!! Smile

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