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    Sharleen Fireon

    Sharleen Fireon
    Sharleen Fireon

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    Sharleen Fireon

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    Name of character: Sharleen Dracona Fireon

    Age: 15 years

    Birthday: 6.June 1995 (egg), 7.June 1995 (Sharleen "hatched")

    Background: You could say that Sharleen hatched one day after her egg was laid. But she was not an normal dragon hatchling, mainly because her parents were human. She also hatched in the appearance of an human. Sharleens parents knew from the moment they saw the egg that she would be something special, even if they had no idea what and why this had happened. Nobody could remember if there was a mythical creature in one of the families. But Sharleen grew up without knowing that she was not human. Her parents thought it would be best if she would find out that there was something wrong with her when she was ready to know it.
    But dragons are rare, and there are many people who want to hunt a dragon. Something Sharleen hat to learn fast was that there were also people who can detect a mythical creature easily. So at the age of 9, a man came to their house. Neither Sharleen nor her parents knew him, and as they tried to get him out of the house, he killed her parents. Sharleen was really shocked, and he asked her why she did not showed him if he was right. The girl had no idea what he ment, but due to this shock she began to change into her dragon form, her real form. She managed to spat a little bit of fire at the man and then ran away. She was happy that it was night and that she was a black dragon, because she could flee. After a day she also found out how she could change back again, and walked around, alone, not knowing what to do.
    She survived two years, always careful not to cross somebody who might hunt her. Then, somehow Sharleen got a letter which told her that she could go to the greenwood academy. She had no idea how the letter had reached her, but she thought she could try to find out. She was really careful, but the moment she found out that this was no trap, she was open for everything that would come. Now she lives at the academy for 4 years, and she still likes it there.

    Appearance: human: As a human, Sharleen is an relatively big girl. She is slight, but not so much that is looks strange. She has long, straight brown hair that can change the brown tone to everything evalible. Her eyes are grey-green-brown and they somehow have similarity with ones of a cat. You can see small muscles on her whole body, but again not so big that it would look strange. She has an scar on her right arm. Her ears are relatively small, some would even say you cannot see them, a sign that she is a dragon.
    Sharleen also likes to wear dark clothes. If they have the colour of night or even black, that is perfect for her. She also likes to look as natural as possible.

    dragon: As a female dragon, Sharleen is smaller than male dragons. But she is one of the biggest female dragons known. She really looks majestetic. She has a black colour, but in the right light it can shine in many differenet colours, from night colours to dark blue ones. Her yellow eyes are shining like stars, and they are cat-like. Her wings seem to be so tender that you can look through them sometimes. But in reality they are really strong. All her scales look like they were extremely hard, which they are, but if you touch them, they are soft. Her horn are pointy and turn a little bit to the back. Her tail is as long as her body.

    Personality: She is actually totally in love with nature. And so she is happy to go somewhere where are many trees and flowers and grasses. Sharleen also likes to be in the sky, flying. But somehow she always had a passion for the fight. Through these passions, and the fact that she had to live alone really long, she became more withdrawn and shy. Even though she had learned that she could trust the people at the academy, she also sometimes is really careful.
    Sharleen is a good student, and she also likes to learn. She also helps everybody who has more problems with learning. She likes to help all her friends as good as she can. She also loves to read, many fantasie stories and those with mythical creatures. Sharleen is also able to come up with plans when it is needed. Her brain can work very fast when she needs it.
    She is also a little bit hotheaded, but she also has herself under control pretty good. She would never hurt anybody, except if there is no other way than doing that. The knowledge that she is pretty strong helps her to follow this rule of hers.

    -short answers-
    How did you hear about us? HBH (I am Alexandra Wolfar)
    Do you agree with, and have you read, all the rules? yes
    Do you wish to be a mythical creature or control a magical element? mythical creature
    What mythical creature/what element? dragon
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    Re: Sharleen Fireon

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    Accepted!!! (I greatly enjoyed that!!) p.s. It's Mallorie if you didn't already know that!!

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