Dear New Student, Welcome to Greenwood Academy! You have been brought here because you are special, whether it is because you have control over an element or because you are a mythical creature. Sincerely, The Greenwood Academy Administration

    Greenwood Academy Rules

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    Greenwood Academy Rules

    Post  Kalyca Starling on Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:50 pm


    •Do not create multiple accounts, or share an account or password with another person.
    •Do not argue with the staff, they are just doing what they are supposed to do. If you have a problem with them, talk to one of the admins, and they will sort it all out.
    •Do not hack anyone's account, especially not one of the admin/moderators, because they will know. If you do hack someone's account your account will be deleted.
    •Do not use text language during role-playing. You may use it in out of character posts, though.
    •There is a no tolerance to bullying, so do not do it! If you see anyone being bullied report it immediately to one of the staff and they will deal with it.
    •Out of character posts must be at least five words to avoid spam. Role-playing posts must be at least 100.
    •Only role-play as your own character, you cannot control the actions of other characters.
    •Try to use good spelling and grammar. If you are not a good speller, type your reply in a word document, spellcheck it and then copy it over.
    •All posts must be written in third person, past tense.
    •Most of all just have fun!

    If you post something which violates the rules above, your post will be changed/ deleted by the moderators without warning. Your warning is right here. We expect the rules to be followed, so please follow them! The mods can't look at every single post, follow the rules and life will be so much easier!

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