Dear New Student, Welcome to Greenwood Academy! You have been brought here because you are special, whether it is because you have control over an element or because you are a mythical creature. Sincerely, The Greenwood Academy Administration

    Elizabeth Amitha

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    Elizabeth Amitha Empty Elizabeth Amitha

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    Name of character: Elizabeth Amitha
    Birthday: 3/25/94
    -50 words minimum for the following-
    Background: Elizabeth Amitha was born on March 24, 1994. She had a normal childhood except for her love of water. Yes a lot of people love water, but not like Elizabeth, she was obsessed with it. When she turned fourteen she was having a normal year until the fire. Her house caught on fire while she was at school one day. When she got home the house was completely burned down and her parents were dead. Elizabeth was supposed to go live with the aunt she hated, but she ran away instead. Elizabeth found a magical forest and the creatures took care of her for two years until someone from the staff found her and brought her to Greenwood Academy.
    Appearance: Elizabeth is around five five, and is very thin. She has long blonde hair, bring pink lips and bright blue eyes. Elizabeth almost always wears something blue. Her favorite thing to wear is a blue or green dresses. That is pretty much all she wears now that she is at the academy.
    Personality: Elizabeth is overly nice to everyone she meets. Over the years she has not accumulated a single enemy. She is one of those girls who everyone considers their best friend. Elizabeth loves water more than anything else. She hates fire so much, she cannot even describe it. She hates it because it is the opposite of water, and because it killed her parents.
    -short answers-
    How did you hear about us? Kalyca Starling
    Do you agree with all the rules? Of course
    Do you wish to be a mythical creature or control a magical element? Magical element
    What mythical creature/what element? water

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